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About to get back on dat SEEKINGARRANGEMENT tip    12/13/17  (5)
Libs timed the Roy Moore stuff two weeks too early    12/13/17  (30)
Is ultra low Japanese birth rate the beginning of a national Seppuku?    12/13/17  (1)
is there any US region where there aren't drug addicts walking around everywhere    12/13/17  (4)
Go home EVERY day from work to microwave hotdogs for lunch    12/13/17  (8)
Real talk for Trumpmos regarding Moore and Trump    12/13/17  (32)
It's prestigious to pay more in taxes    12/13/17  (1)
i'm convinced the GOPe like being in the minority    12/13/17  (1)
chill, constantly recurring thought patterns that never lead you anywhere    12/13/17  (6)
Alexa send flowers to Dad's gravesite    12/13/17  (56)
If GOP is a serious bunch they need to bury every dem in sexual abuse allegation    12/13/17  (22)
I just spent $1K on 20 Philips Hue lightbulbs and an Amazon Alexa    12/13/17  (3)
NY Post: My sex doll is so much better than my real wife    12/13/17  (3)
Life is suffering    12/13/17  (6)
Save local journalism. Save BKLYNER.    12/13/17  (1)
Jared's hatred for Christie caused both the Special Counsel & Doug Jones    12/13/17  (3)
how is it a tax "cut" when people making 200-500K will pay more?    12/13/17  (29)
The rural Midwest is incredibly depressing, so isolated, lots of druggies    12/13/17  (7)
"It's a Difference Engine. I made it myself. Interface your hand with its port;    12/13/17  (2)
BUILD THE WALL or START OUT SMALL?    12/13/17  (3)
*updates cock size spreadsheet* heh.    12/13/17  (6)
Hypo: Creep molests your 8 yo dotter. Do you plot his assassination, or let LEO    12/13/17  (11)
Shitcrypto boss paying holiday bonus in .005 of something called "Jazzy Coin"    12/13/17  (4)
Shitcrypto boss ordering "3 cheesy gorditas crunch" @ 2:30am    12/13/17  (3)
Luis Fonsi to Trump's agenda: Despacitooooo    12/13/17  (1)
ShrewGF: "take a coldshower, Im not ur whore" 2ndCuz: In tears over judge moore    12/13/17  (5)
The Sino-American treaty of 2018 which banned cryptocurrency    12/13/17  (6)
if you are part of Historic White America, the time has come to withdraw    12/13/17  (2)
3/4 of vaccine petitions result in a payout. average payout is $379,000.    12/13/17  (3)
LOL when I see some punk nigga talking to the cops    12/13/17  (3)
'Alexa, shut down and cancel my Amzn acct' 'Sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that'    12/13/17  (46)
Shrew gf: Bashing Judge Moore. 2nd cousin: Banging Judge Moore.    12/13/17  (1)
Oregon fans fucking hate Willie Taggart    12/13/17  (3)
Meghan McCain    12/13/17  (3)
10 women with somewhat falsified accounts? guilty    12/13/17  (1)
21 in NYC. 80 in LA.    12/13/17  (3)
Bama Bangs    12/13/17  (4)
anyone 100% Mario Odyssey?    12/13/17  (6)
anyone 100% Honda Odyssey?    12/13/17  (3)
Can Trump just put sessions back in the Senate?    12/13/17  (5)
Rosenstein won't say whether FBI paid for Trump Dossier (link)    12/13/17  (4)
*dances around like a faggot to Coldplay while celebrating Roy Moore's defeat*    12/13/17  (8)
500 year old LIVING shark discovered    12/13/17  (7)
Imagine you are a liberal Dem in '04 and I appear to you as a ghostly apparition    12/13/17  (152)
So Trump "victims" support him, call him daddy; Clinton accusers say he's a mons    12/13/17  (2)
shitcrypto boss manufacturing synthetic analog research chems in office bathroom    12/13/17  (7)
shitcrypto boss crashing at your house temporarily, because reasons    12/13/17  (2)
Shitcrypto boss doing bong rips in the board room @ 7:45am    12/13/17  (6)
A nigger eating fried chicken in his car, a bottle of Pepsi between his thighs    12/13/17  (1)
which wifi lightbulbs should I cop for my Amazon Alexa?    12/13/17  (1)
so what was the proof of Moore's "sexual misconduct" again?    12/13/17  (76)
shitcrypto boss, zoomed out on moonrocks, cutting u off on interstate    12/13/17  (8)
I feel like salieri whenever I see a BP Poast    12/13/17  (14)
Friend just got 8M in series A. I: post    12/13/17  (6)
reminder on tax reform: everyone is paying more and it is raising the deficit    12/13/17  (1)
Seeing board trumpmos distraught about Alabama brings joy to my day    12/13/17  (5)
shitcrypto boss rolling up in a brand new Bentley    12/13/17  (6)
should i buy some ethereum right now? looks like a little dip    12/13/17  (5)
shitcrypto boss shopping for $50,000 headphones    12/13/17  (6)
Is cocaine "addiction" flame?    12/13/17  (11)
Rate this mormon travel shrew showing off tanlines in one piece swimsuit (pic)    12/13/17  (9)
Poasting from inside an isolation tank taking ?s    12/13/17  (8)
rach plz ban 'hardiman' for being extremely low iq    12/13/17  (3)
thousands of felonious, bottom-feeding, deadweight blacks voting for BIG DOUG    12/13/17  (1)
I want a white wife but I don't want to contribute to White genocide    12/13/17  (30)
shitcrypto boss: "we'll see what unfolds"    12/13/17  (4)
90 percent of your life success is determined by your parents income level    12/13/17  (9)
Talk to your Niggers about Kids    12/13/17  (1)
xo trumpmos seeing their alt right movement ended by Alabama black woman = 180    12/13/17  (9)
Per capita income in Short Hills, NJ is $100,875.    12/13/17  (2)
Cheatmos: explain to me like I'm 5 how to do Tinder to find strange puss    12/13/17  (14)
Trump is Old and has Dementia (link)    12/13/17  (194)
I have a great bmi (22.6) but my body still looks fat    12/13/17  (7)
REMINDER: Moore+neo-nazis defeated by NIGGAS    12/13/17  (1)
new Moore accuser comes forward    12/13/17  (1)
Azn guy in MAGA hat: "Loy Moole! Loy Moole! Fuck Rittre Kids! Who cales!"    12/13/17  (4)
Arc of moral univ is long,but bends toward justice. @ Manafort,Flynn, Kush, Tru    12/13/17  (2)
XO obsession over bmi is a huge flute-player tell    12/13/17  (1)
"Yeah so that's what a circuit split is" evan39 explained to juggalo coworker    12/13/17  (84)
XO: Putting the mental in judgmental    12/13/17  (1)
2017 XO YEAR IN REVIEW - BEST THREADS    12/13/17  (96)
ABC: Moore accuser admits yearbook partially forged    12/13/17  (72)
Lenny Bernstein and Soros should have been lynched from an Alabama dogwood    12/13/17  (1)
AL election was likely rigged    12/13/17  (5)
I find pieces of myself everyday by the shower drain (peterman)    12/13/17  (2)
10,000 Venezuelans Now Millionaires Because of Cryptocurrency (NYT)    12/13/17  (2)
Per capita income in San Diego is 31,000 dollars    12/13/17  (9)
I'm at my lunch. Returning to Work in 30 mins. Taking ?s TEDCTUZTP    12/13/17  (1)
Do Asians have a harder time grasping individualism?    12/13/17  (46)
Hot little spicy Latina eye fucking me at coed beer hockey game.    12/13/17  (30)
Abbas claims fake news    12/13/17  (2)
we think high cheekbones are cool but they look sort of simian    12/13/17  (1)
JFC, Moore just threw the election to Jones    12/13/17  (54)
Rissen, why you ribs act rike Arabama big-ah dear?    12/13/17  (1)
Trump trotting out minorities today, why?    12/13/17  (1)
Odd case that XO political lunatics posture from a point of mental normality    12/13/17  (13)
Gotta respect how lawman8 uses his power sparingly    12/13/17  (16)
went to physical therapy, asked for a 'penis massage'    12/13/17  (3)
Been sick, just shit a little blood. Not gay or millennial. Go to doc?    12/13/17  (2)
Three of my ancestors were ranked colonel or higher in the Confederate Army. U?    12/13/17  (1)
anyone seeing Star Wars at midnight Thursday?    12/13/17  (14)
risten, hele's my a thoughts on a Arabama    12/13/17  (4)
Better to receive than to give?    12/13/17  (2)
the cuckoldry in this country is getting unbearable    12/13/17  (2)
please Mueller, please indict Kushner    12/13/17  (1)
You can still make a 42% return on tonight's election    12/13/17  (17)
after major bitchslap last night, trump looks like a choir boy on stage    12/13/17  (1)
ching chong taking q's on crypto and stuff    12/13/17  (58)
OH BOY! TAX REFORM!!!    12/13/17  (2)
Graduate, don't go to law school, invest in BTC, work office job. RETIRE with mi    12/13/17  (3)
AL Voters to Trump: U must think we're stupid. U must think we're fools    12/13/17  (1)
the worst posters here are all libs ljl    12/13/17  (26)
biz idea: "pho boys"    12/13/17  (3)
Takes forever to send BTC    12/13/17  (4)
Tax reform will not pass due to Jones, and Trump will not    12/13/17  (1)
Protip: find pics of yrself from 15 years ago.    12/13/17  (13)
Libs so starved for any little victory, swarming like rats to rotten mear    12/13/17  (7)
With Luttig as GC, Boeing Lands Fleet of Former SCOTUS Clerks    12/13/17  (1)
Star Wars inspired 1488 on the rise (link)    12/13/17  (5)
President Trump Gives Remarks on Tax Reform 12/13/2017    12/13/17  (2)
video game bros: I fired up Rainbow Six Vegas last night, played terrorist hunt    12/13/17  (2)
hypo: objective 9 w/ great personality *but* she has size 11 feet    12/13/17  (3)
Every piece of food is stored as fat until caloric deficit shaves it off LAST*    12/13/17  (2)
/!\ Jeb Bush revealed to be mastermind behind fake Moore stories /!\    12/13/17  (18)
I don't get how ppl can be unemployed for 5+ months    12/13/17  (18)
Bannon is such a fat piece of shit. LJL.    12/13/17  (1)
have had a cough for 3 weeks. how to get rid of without antibiotics?    12/13/17  (4)
Can someone explain why poor white people have thin upper lips    12/13/17  (11)
marriedmos: keep a gift debit card with a sizable balance    12/13/17  (1)
funny how 5 massive Democrat counties only counted at VERY END of night    12/13/17  (3)
Had dream where cough syrup served at fancy cocktail party    12/13/17  (7)
J maw - hows your crypto    12/13/17  (7)
Sad that my kids won't get to see Europe    12/13/17  (27)
23 months of sobriety from tina (with a 10 day break)    12/13/17  (17)
shitlibs pumping fists, chanting    12/13/17  (1)
*looks in mirror* *immediately regrets everything eaten*    12/13/17  (2)
Star Wars: chubby azn girl hero who likes BBC    12/13/17  (12)
Bannon threw a 10k bottle of champ at a tv last night, then lapped up the carpet    12/13/17  (2)
lol @ Trump's cuck tweets, throwing Moore under the bus, praising Luther Strange    12/13/17  (1)
so has Moore conceded yet like an adult?    12/13/17  (1)
Jim_Kelly how dainty are ur wife's feet?    12/13/17  (4)
xo trumpmos blame libs for 2 party globalism BUT NOT THEIR OWN PARTY    12/13/17  (2)
Doug Jones / Kamala 2020 is the future libs want.    12/13/17  (1)
AL erection was likely diddled    12/13/17  (1)
ITT: we predict the sort of fabricated accusations shitlibs will come up w/ next    12/13/17  (1)
Live lookin at Roy Moore election party    12/13/17  (10)
Trump approval rating is 47%!!!    12/13/17  (3)
fuck these fucking doctors welching at the last minute    12/13/17  (4)
ITT: My XO approval ratings broken down by each state    12/13/17  (3)
Petition for Politics Board    12/13/17  (2)

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