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POLL: what size shirts you wear, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL    06/24/17  (28)
looking for jobs is incredibly tiring    06/24/17  (18)
This 40yo dude looks 26    06/24/17  (13)
Chick goes from hot teen to blue haired tatted up pierced millennial freak (pic)    06/25/17  (11)
Rate this Asian escort I came in (NSFW)    06/25/17  (10)
Orange County government pays top notch salaries    06/24/17  (10)
So an unemployed Howard grad polices the board every weekend and holiday?    06/24/17  (9)
Filecoin and IPFS will be the future of the web    06/25/17  (8)
What's the latest re: Trump and Russia?    06/24/17  (8)
SoCalmos: would u live in Simi Valley? Or choose Irvine/Costa Mesa?    06/24/17  (7)
Marble countertops are PROLE af    06/24/17  (7)
So Watchmen works Loss prevention at Target? How does he afford fur coats?    06/24/17  (6)
anyone trying to study for the bar this weekend instead of going out    06/24/17  (5)
Why do chubby women look way worse than chubby men?    06/24/17  (4)
can't transfer eth from coinbase to gdax    06/24/17  (3)
I hate the way ppl with community college degrees write    06/24/17  (3)
Two Indians tried to scam me today in separate incidents    06/25/17  (2)
easy way to become rich    06/24/17  (2)
Really struggling to focus in biglaw after hitting $1M net worth    06/24/17  (1)
How do I find the email of the GC at Nike    06/24/17  (1)
All Los Angeles poasters, go to Bungalow today    06/24/17  (1)