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Who do you blame for Moore loss?    12/13/17  (161)
Im honestly tired of everyone being SO into politics lately ...    12/13/17  (44)
Moore won among White men by 72 points; among white women by 63 pts    12/13/17  (42)
Lol at faggot white male libs on here celebrating their own destruction    12/13/17  (39)
libs, u beat an actual child molester. congrats.    12/13/17  (38)
Reminder: If Moore loses there is literally no hope for America    12/12/17  (37)
Republicans are going to get slaughtered in 2018 and 2020    12/13/17  (29)
holy shit, trumpmos, you lost Alabama, the fuck? you guys really are losers    12/13/17  (27)
the credited plan to flee america? link plz    12/12/17  (25)
Doug Jones steps to podium, "haha wow holy shit"    12/12/17  (23)
even if Moore wins, this is a disaster. wtf is with Alabama.    12/12/17  (23)
Post ITT your best biglaw backstabbing moments    12/12/17  (23)
lol Democrats won in ALABAMA and Hillary couldn't win WISCONSIN    12/12/17  (22)
gay to think the little things women do are cute?    12/13/17  (21)
This is how I imagine Hell looks like    12/13/17  (20)
Fox: Not all votes are in yet!    12/13/17  (20)
Board trumpmos quiet as fuck tonight, why?    12/12/17  (20)
Peter Strzok text messages just released    12/13/17  (18)
to all the gloating libs - GOP won the fucking Ted Kennedy seat in MA in 2010    12/12/17  (18)
:D give me diet advice    12/13/17  (18)
Jones got this    12/12/17  (18)
True Alabama conservatives did the right thing    12/12/17  (17)
The Western Elite from a Chinese Perspective    12/13/17  (16)
Congratulations thread for board liberals    12/12/17  (16)
Big studs will spray again in Margaritaville    12/13/17  (15)
Trump is done here in 2020.    12/13/17  (14)
Racist Fuckheads: If u lost in Alabama, u're going to lose EVERYWHERE in 2018    12/13/17  (14)
The older I get the more i am attracted to 16-19yo girls    12/12/17  (14)
Doug Jones morphs into TRON from Chapelle skit: I fucked Katie, too. Katie got s    12/12/17  (14)
I pwned some chick at work who made fun of my corduroy jacket    12/12/17  (14)
Not a politics guy but does a single senator override senate + house + Potus +    12/13/17  (13)
I know one of the Trump accusers IRL    12/13/17  (13)
Enormous voter fraud being covered up by Alabama court    12/13/17  (13)
Doug Jones literally played "Teach Me How to Dougie" at his victory rally    12/13/17  (13)
Roy Moore: "I choose now to live as a gay man."    12/12/17  (13)
The GOP needs Hispanic candidates    12/12/17  (13)
Sessions, humiliated & powerless at own agency, watches Dem take seat he vacated    12/13/17  (13)
post itt if you have even been to alabama    12/12/17  (13)
holy shit it's happening again with the dial ljl    12/12/17  (13)
How do libs keep getting pwned like this?    12/12/17  (13)
Crypto actually makes me fucking sick    12/12/17  (13)
How will the next inevitable civil war begin? Sides?    12/13/17  (12)
TRUMP SPEAKS    12/12/17  (12)
Spaceporn MAF that a priest molested some other kid and not him lmfao    12/12/17  (12)
lol Moore wins, atheists cheer! lol idiots! well done! gonna be lulzy as fuck    12/12/17  (12)
MALL'S CLOSED, MOORE    12/12/17  (12)
you could creampie college girls while in ur 30s    12/12/17  (11)
#metoo hysteria is about to 10x    12/13/17  (11)
Odd case that XO political lunatics posture from a point of mental normality    12/12/17  (11)